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July 06 2016

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In the musical of my life after I’m long gone, my wife Vanessa is going to be the one who steps forward as the hero. Vanessa is not particularly fond of musicals—she only likes good ones. She is not effusive in her praise, or boastful. But when I looked up from that Chernow book and said “I think this is a hip-hop musical,” she didn’t laugh, or roll her eyes. She just said, “That sounds cool.” And that was all I needed to get started. As I fell in love with the idea of a love triangle between Eliza, Alexander, and Angelica, she said, “Can you have Angelica rap? That would be cool.”

I am someone who is so averse to travel that I wrote a whole musical about not wanting to leave my block in Washington Heights. It was Vanessa who booked us trips and time away from New York. “You don’t get any writing done here because life keeps popping up.” Thanks to her, Hamilton was written in Mexico, Spain, Nevis, Sagaponack, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic—long trips where Vanessa would take me there and then leave me alone to write while she explored. She is my first audience, and she’s a tough audience, so I know if I impress her I’ve cleared the highest possible bar. She’ll come home from work and say, “Your king tune was stuck in my head all day—that’s probably a good sign.” This started out as a note trying to explain how my wife really is the ‘best of wives and best of women,’ but I’m trying to get at something more important—this show simply doesn’t exist without Vanessa. It’s a love letter to her.


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Stop me

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Stop me

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i love seeing girls close ranks when their fella is cheating, instead of defending him and attacking the other girls. like seriously. it warms my cold, cold heart so much. 

i need the rest of this story, where did you put the body

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How God Created Animals (via boredpanda)

Previously: Dad Tweets

July 02 2016

July 01 2016

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If anyone ever asks me what anime conventions are like I’m going to just show them this picture


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do u ever just wonder how another person’s brain works

these peoples brains stopped functioning a long time ago

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I never understood why a girl is always suppose to be that ride or die chick that stays with a man and helps him build and become the man she deserves but a guy is never told to stay with a woman while she finds herself. A guy will always look for that perfect woman but we are suppose to settle for a building project?! Fuck that.

I love seeing posts like these because it really makes me realize how much I’ve been conditioned to live to uplift men. We really don’t ever hear about people telling men to stand by a woman when she has nothing and helping her reach her full potential. 

There was this other post about women learning to love what their men love and how men don’t do the same in return and thats so fucking true. 

It just makes feel like I’ve been brainwashed into settling for a partner that really isn’t as great as I probably think he is in my head.

Posts like these really have taught me what to look for in a partner because sometimes I feel like i can’t discern between what I really want and what I’ve been conditioned to want. 

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French President François Hollande attended MIFA (Marché international du film d’animation) today, and is maybe a Miraculer??




My friend told me that his strength trainer in high school was a ripped power top bear whose boyfriend was also a massive bear. The two bears actually wrestled for an hour before their first time having sex to establish which was the dominant one.

To this day, I still think that to be the most masculine thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Straight men need to up their game.

I’m really tired and confuse, why was a woodland animal teach ur friend how to lift weights?

you’re precious

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This is actually really, really important to me. My little brother is 13 and he just got Overwatch. He’s played online games in the past such as Counter Strike, TF2, and others, and I ALWAYS worry about someone being mean to him. He’s really sensitive and takes people’s words to heart really easily. Please, before you get mad at someone in a game, consider that you might be playing with a child. In fact, don’t be mean to anyone in a game. Everyone has different learning levels and play styles, just take the time to relax and enjoy the game.

i never thought of this before shit

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June 30 2016

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June 29 2016



How do you just miss like that?

he did his best

June 28 2016


hey colourpop cosmetics you make great affordable products and i love you but we gotta talk about something. just a quick little thing. just sit down it wont take that long dont worry i just want to have a little chat about well uh

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